Dogestribute – BSC


Total Supply – 1,000,000

Contract Link –

Compiler version – v0.8.7+commit.e28d00a7

Optimization Enabled – Yes, 200 runs

Start block – 10218928

Contract deployer’s address – 0x99f77454042fa23c2fff532de0f195dd81481a15

Security Issues:

High severity:


Medium severity:

Fees for marketing/development could be changed by contract owner via function setFees. Refer to page 3.

Low severity:

Router could be changed with function switchRouter, potentially leading to a malicious routing contract, making it difficult to trade.


Issue Checking Status:

1. Compiler errors: Passed

2. Race conditions/Reentrancy: Passed

3. Possible delays in data delivery: Passed

4. Front running vulnerability: Passed

5. Timestamp dependence: Passed

6. Integer Overflow and Underflow: Passed

7. DoS with revert: Passed

8. DoS with blocklimit: Passed

9. Methods execution platform: Passed

10. Economy model of smart contract: Passed

11. Impact and exchange rate of logic: Passed

12. Private user data leaks: Passed

13. Malicious event log: Passed

14. Hidden malicious functions: Passed

15. Scoping and declaration: Passed

16. Uninitialized storage pointers: Passed

17. Arithmetic accuracy: Passed

19. Design logic: Passed

19. Cross-fall race conditions: Passed

20. Proper openzeppelin contract implementation and usage: Passed

21. Fallback function safety: Passed


What was the thought process behind the Dogestribute smart contract? Why this contract over any other?

Having noticed the rapid rate of which rewards tokens are entering the BSC space we decided we wanted to improve on the average copy pasted contract. Currently most rewards coins are providing a quick pump and dump with sustainability at the bottom of their list (or not even considered) we decided we wanted to do something to change this and bring people something unique and sustainability focused. We had many conversations with team members and developers regarding how we could make a rewards contract function how people imagine they will. After these chats we came up with an idea, what about placing 10-20% (depending on volume ) of our reward pool into a second pool. The intentions behind this was to eliminate the issue of people selling, dumping the chart and also taking their % of rewards with them. By keeping a percentage of the rewards back to be re-added into the pool every 12 – 24 hours this would increase the benefit to long term holders, and not leave them with an empty rewards pool, for example after a sell off.

Is your team renouncing ownership? Explain why or why not, and how it would be beneficial.

We cannot renounce ownership as we are actively managing the project, for example our second pool would not function to its best ability if it wasnt interchangable, we intend to do sales/promotions and adjust tax where we feel it will benefit the project.

Does your team have experience within the DeFi environment? Are you prepared to run this project diligently?

The team members onboard would consider themselves seasoned veterans within the BSC space, all three team members have 6+ months experience within DeFi/BSC. The contract was created by a dev who has been involved in coding for 20+ years, and smart contracts for over half a year.

Please explain your team’s choices in distributing Dogestribute upon launch and how you believe it will be beneficial to the project.

We have chosen what we believe is the lowest hard cap we can launch successfully with, while maintaining a marketing budget but also trying to prevent a sell off from too much of the supply being placed within the presale. We have had a game made prior to launch along with an NFT collection.

Hope this answered your questions! 



Dogestribute – BSC


Please send us any questions or concerns whatsoever.