Dedicated to security of smart contract functionality, in order to solidify our notion to continue helping make DeFi great, Nexus Solidity Solutions is excited to announce our partnership with EverRise and their new EverOwn platform.

EverOwn seeks to remedy the natural insecurities that loom over DeFi projects by providing both their own decentralized, trustless, based-on-governance approach to assigning ownership of smart contracts, and general management of cryptocurrency projects through community involvement.

EverOwn offers a win-win scenario to projects and their communities by giving communities the security of a renounced contract and projects the flexibility to make improvements when necessary.

Issues when a project renounces ownership:

  • Access to the smart contract is lost permanently.
  • The project becomes vulnerable to potential blockchain hacks.
  • The project cannot whitelist any exchanges.
  • Project development and advancements are severely limited since access to the smart contract is no longer available.

How unlocked newly auto-generated liquidity tokens are vulnerable:

  • Liquidity can be slowly drained by anyone who has access to the contract.
  • People invest less willingly in tokens with a higher risk of liquidity drain.
  • Communities distrust developers who aren’t willing to lock liquidity.
  • Investors are leaving the BSC because of liquidity drains, and will only invest in locked liquidity.