Total Supply – 100,000,000
Contract Link – Compiler version – v0.8.7+commit.e28d00a7
Optimization Enabled – No with 200 runs
Start block – 12084163
Contract deployer’s address – 0x35f4c151b3f7390c11dcf0a9a544b95c00093ab4

High severity:


Medium severity:

Max transaction fees can be changed indiscriminately by the contract owner to exclude particular addresses from fees.

The router can be changed, making it very difficult for users to trade.

Low severity:


CUFFIES Team Response:

The changeable fees give us the possibility of eventually decreasing or disabling the fees, once our app is developed and our revenue comes from it. It will be very important during the App Launch to give promotions to content creators during their first months using the Cuffies DApp, allowing them to have less charges when tipped.

The setNewRouter function serves the purpose of changing our router address. This is due to possible Router updates on PancakeSwap, like the migration from v1 to v2. Or to be safe agaisnt any possible failure at PancakeSwap and the need to choose a different DEX.

Issue Checking Status:

1. Compiler errors: Passed

2. Race conditions/Reentrancy: Passed

3. Possible delays in data delivery: Passed

4. Front running vulnerability: Passed

5. Timestamp dependence: Passed

6. Integer Overflow and Underflow: Passed

7. DoS with revert: Passed

8. DoS with blocklimit: Passed

9. Methods execution platform: Passed

10. Economy model of smart contract: Passed

11. Impact and exchange rate of logic: Passed

12. Private user data leaks: Passed

13. Malicious event log: Passed

14. Hidden malicious functions: Passed

15. Scoping and declaration: Passed

16. Uninitialized storage pointers: Passed

17. Arithmetic accuracy: Passed

18. Design logic: Passed

19. Cross-fall race conditions: Passed

20. Proper openzeppelin contract implementation and usage: Passed

21. Fallback function safety: Passed

What was the thought process behind the CUFFIES smart contract? Why this contract over any other?

Key points:
– Receive native chain coin to fund company without having to sell our tokens.
– Redistribution
– Possibility to add models in the smart contract.

Is your team renouncing ownership? Explain why or why not, and how it would be beneficial.

We would need to renounce ownership once staking is enabled, because we would need to send the ownership of the contract to the Masterchef contract. Apart from that, we would like the ownership of the contract so that we could, for example, take out all taxes once the app is working by itself.

Does your team have experience within the DeFi environment? Are you prepared to run this project diligently?

Yes, we believe we have. The team is composed of a series of experienced people with different backgrounds, allowing us to be constantly prepared for the developments and progresses of Cuffies.

Many of our members have worked with other projects before, and we have been preparing and vastly analyzing the DeFi and Adult market for a long time, giving us confidence to thrive in this market.

Please explain your team’s choices in distributing CUFFIES upon launch and how you believe it will be beneficial to the project.

The launch of Cuffies is being split into stages. At the early sale, we sold 7% of the tokens, most locked for 60 days to members of our community, friends and family. At presale, we will sell a bigger percentage, allocating more than 50% for liquidity, part of the app development and maintenance, part for listings (locked), a share for company reserves and locked team wallets. We believe that the bigger goal will be to handle a big market cap up to app launch, and for the startup to control part of the token, in order to ensure the $CUFFIES token is more protected against speculation and better prepared for the long term.