Tepanyaki (YAKI) – ETH


Contract Link – https://etherscan.io/address/0x5fCc20327998C27801B920F8cA6876586152DcFF

Total Supply – 100,000,000

Compiler version – v0.8.4+commit.c7e474f2

Optimization Enabled – No with 200 runs

Start block – 17388313

Contract deployer’s address – 0x84cf362c61dc107f623c2bb6c497191fbacb70d8

High severity:


Medium severity:


Low severity:


Issue Checking Status:

1. Compiler errors: Passed

2. Race conditions/Reentrancy: Passed

3. Possible delays in data delivery: Passed

4. Front running vulnerability: Passed

5. Timestamp dependence: Passed

6. Integer Overflow and Underflow: Passed

7. DoS with revert: Passed

8. DoS with blocklimit: Passed

9. Methods execution platform: Passed

10. Economy model of smart contract: Passed

11. Impact and exchange rate of logic: Passed

12. Private user data leaks: Passed

13. Malicious event log: Passed

14. Hidden malicious functions: Passed

15. Scoping and declaration: Passed

16. Uninitialized storage pointers: Passed

17. Arithmetic accuracy: Passed

18. Design logic: Passed

19. Cross-fall race conditions: Passed

20. Proper openzeppelin contract implementation and usage: Passed

21. Fallback function safety: Passed

What was the thought process behind the YAKI smart contract? Why this contract over any other?

We chose something simple that could be reduced to 0/0 tax because it’s k-kawaii ^^

Is your team renouncing ownership? Explain why or why not, and how it would be beneficial.

Ownership is being renounced shortly after launch. We had to fake out the bots, if you know what I am trying to say.

Does your team have experience within the DeFi environment? Are you prepared to run this project diligently?

We’ve successfully launched multiple projects to 8 figures and beyond. YAKI YAKI YAKI

Please explain your team’s choices in distributing BITCOINAI upon launch and how you believe it will be beneficial to the project.

We gave out allocation to essential team members, YAKI supporters, and influencers, with a little left in the tank for future CEX listings.